Saturday, December 20, 2008 

I want to be a politian !!!!

Don't raise your eyebrow. This is really true. I want to be a politician. But don't you think am an illiterate person to go with that or a crooked person to go in the way of the "dirty profession" (what you may think) or a person who wants to bag crores by only talking or a jobless guy to have some engagement. No, I am well educated, well placed, an ordinary person who thinks normal as normal person. OK now I know what are you thinking in your mind, "What you will do GOOD for the society after being a politician?". Sorry, I never tell that the poverty will be removed or give all good jobs to all or make every one happy, etc., etc.,This is not possible as the GOD created the world with a kind of synergy, which we can not change, whatever we do. "Then what the hell you do for the society as a politician?". Good question. First of all you should understand that I am not answering this question on the stage of "Mr.World", but only some thoughts which comes to MY DAY LIGHT DREAMS. Answer to your question is only one thing.
"CHANGE THE IMAGE OF A POLITICIAN- TO BE A CORPORATE POLITICIAN". Politics for us is only a way to get some powers which can be used for selfish purpose of either the parties or the individuals.
OK no more explanations as I don't want to write a thesis on this. Let me tell what I want to do with this.
  1. Be in a job to take care of my family - I don't want to take the politics as a profession, which makes us to think about money, without which no one can live. First of all the politics is a service which we can not charge any thing, other than the expenses for the service. Hence a job is required to take care of our family till the politician is elected as MLA/MP, after which he is a Govt Employee. But here the Management of the company where I am working shall be generous enough to give me a leave till am an people elect Govt Employee. I don't want to loose job or take advantage of Politics to escape from my responsibilities given by the Management as some Trade Union Leaders in some firms do.
  2. Aim only the well being of the society, NOT POWER- If we aim power, then well being of the society will be kept apart and only work for the selfish goals.
  3. Keep time for every activities:- Keep time line for the personal, professional and political life. Think about Lakhs of politicians roaming around us without doing anything good for the society . What is the use? Nothing happening because for them there is no target with time. But if we keep our time schedule tight, then we can do more creative for the people. Yes, it requires a very good skill where the real LEADERSHIP will be required.
  4. Suppose I am selected, there should be an office for MP/MLA at the concerned legislative consistuency, where I will be present on all days except it is required me to be in Assembly or Parliament or for any other official purposes.
  5. Keep a record of all data to review our service the society by spending the approved funds or allocated fund.
  6. Conduct meeting with people (not with fellow followers) in an interval to understand the problems directly.
  7. Inform all the fellow members to go for jobs or educations, not to waste a single second in life.

etc, etc........

so many things are there in my dreams, but time slot to write this blog is over. Now you need to spend some time to think about all these or new - new things to be a good politicians.

I will get back with another DAY LIGHT DREAMS soon.......

Note:- I am responsible for my dreams as I am the Owner of My Thoughts !, right :-)


Friday, August 04, 2006 


Dear Friends,

Whatever you plan, but plan for a Honey Moon as soon you get marry. This is a one time event like your marriage. If you have no idea for any family planning for the first kid, you should arrange this Event as soon as possible; otherwise it might be late, which you can not repent in your whole life.

Reshmi, my wife had one and only request before marriage- Take her for Honey Moon, at least for one day. She preferred Ooty. As a good groom, I had to tell OK to my lady.

But I couldn’t take more than 10 days leave because of an important assignment I have taken. Honey moon is not at all possible with in 10 days after marriage because of some customs of visiting my in-laws house and other relatives.

Some how I convinced her. She knew about the situation and reorients her mind avoiding the Honeymoon from her dreams, after which she never complained on it, which I felt very sad. But I am helpless.

Three months got over with my busy schedule and happy family life.

On last week of April, when I was preparing the Bar chart (Scheduling my work) for the Month of May, I found a beautiful day "May 01" which is a National Holiday, which incidentally comes on Monday, so two consecutive holidays. I thought about Reshmi's wish to go to Ooty. I ensure the date to be a trouble free for her. But I heard it’s not safe to go alone there. I told my other colleagues families for a trip to Ooty. Unfortunately they all planned to go to their native. It was a mere coincidence that my colleague Engineers also planned a trip to Ooty on the same day. Since the guys are very well known to me and are very good, I confirmed the trip with them.

My car and two bikes started with 8 member team to Ooty on 29th April, Saturday at 10:00 PM and reached Ooty by 5:30 Am next day. Those who tired of riding the bike took rest in Car and vise-versa. I also drove the car in cycle. This helped us to reach Ooty freshly. My friends are very good to have little hindrance to our privacy.

Reshmi became sick next week after returning from Ooty. I took her to St.John’s Hospital from where I heard the beautiful news ever heard in my life that we both are becoming Parents. After a small celebration I sighed and thought, “IF I MISSED THE ONE DAY TO UTILISE FOR THE HONEY MOON TRIP, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A LIFE LONG LOSS FOR ME, WHICH I CAN NOT GIVE TO HER AT ANY OTHER PERIOD OF MY LIFE, WHICH THE ONLY THING MY LOVELY WIFE HAS WISHED AND DREAMT ABOUT IT”

So please plan for a “Honey Moon” immediately after your marriage, otherwise it may miss from your life for ever.

With love
John Bhai

Friday, July 21, 2006 

Most Tensed Day in My Life

This was happened in while me doing Engineering . Myself (Civil Engineering) and my best friend Joju (Computer Engineering, Who was known DTS amongst his B.Tech Class mates), who is very active, tension free, happy man, genius ever met in my life.......Very cool guy.

The Event
We thought to conduct a Computer Bible Quiz in Malayalam as part of the renewal of our CLC Parish Library, (The Parish is having 1800 families) where both of us were the active members. In fact that is suppose the First Computer Quiz in Malayalam and First of its kind in Indian Catholics.

Then we planned what program we need to use. Joju told to go ahead with the allegro Tool (Sorry am not a software guy, hence pardon me, if any problem with these kind of Software nomenclatures).

Back Stage Works
We discussed about the architectural of the software. We decided to have 20 questions with time limit scoring, negative markings, etc, with colour screens. (at the moment colour monitors are not that much popular). Random selection of questions with consecutive contestants, since it is very difficult to accommodate 150 constestants which we thought to attend the program so that the questions can not be leaked out.

I took the charge of finding the sponsorship, finding the questions for the quiz, arrangements for the Malayalam typing of the questions, publishing the dates through notices, calling of contestants, deciding of prizes, etc, etc.....With my another best friend Ms.Shanitha, I got the questions. I made some questions and all the answer options for all questions.

Joju started doing the programming, which was really tough since the tool was not available to us. He started with some of the samples.

We have requested the Bosco Computer Education Institution working in Parish School through the vicar (Parish chief Priest) and they allowed to use the room and computers for the program.

The questions got typed and covert it in to jpeg images, but the malayalam typing is getting delayed. I had given the some part of the typing works to another party to speed up the process. Some of the sample typed questions was given to Joju for testing. I needed to wait till one day before of the quiz day to get all the proof corrected questions to be ready.

At last day was reaching.....Tension got mounting since all the eyes are fallen on the event.

All the other arrangements were over. But final checking of the software was not done, though Joju has checked with available typed questions given to him and found OK. For the final testing I took all the questions to his house one day before the Quiz day by 12:00 noon. After I giving the questions, I went to Venue for the other arrangements and confirmed everything was OK. Then I returned to Joju's House.

I was surprised to see my COOL friends face not pleasant. "What happened?" I asked while we moving to his room. He told " Some problem with the program. The questions are not coming after 15 Nos of question flow (Instead of 20)." I got stuck. I have published about 20 questions in the Notice !

He tried his level best to avoid the stuck. Then I thought to take chance with 15 questions, which will affect our reputation. But no other way. Any ways we decided to ahead with 15 questions. Joju changed the software to 15 Nos. After two-three trials, again the software got stuck after 12 questions. The time was 08:00 PM

I didn't know what to do? After some trials, the stuck point came down to 8 Nos. Then Joju told " I don't know what is happening?, Iam not getting any solution also". My view got blurred. Then he told "I will try once again" @ 9:30 PM

After dinner, we sat once again. He was doing some thing on the software. As I got sleep (usually comes at time when I got tensed). I took a small nap by 12:00 midnight and got up by 2:30 am and found Joju still working on the software, seems to have no scope. By 3:30 am, his eyes got sprinkled and told me that he was going to try a last chance. I prayed to God, only thing I can do at the point of time. 4:30 am, he told " lets try with final check".......With our increasing heart beat, we strarted the program, questions starting moving ahead......1,2,3,4,5,6,7......We scared to go to 8, where it got stuck last time. God helps.....It passed 8,9,10,11......12 (Got little relieved). We also noted the fastness of the software this time. Then it was headed to 13,14,15......Up to 20 with out any problem...........HAPPY MOMENTS........ @ 5:30 am. We tried two times the testing with all possibilities. All are SUCCESS. I hugged him....A deep hug of relief.

Happy Ending
Without knowing all these tensions, our friends are doing with the final touchups......@ 7:30 am I reached the venue. Joju came by 8:30 am. He seems to be very much tired to me, though he is in regular coolness for others. We again had two more trials after loading the programs in all systems. We made a successful grand smile between both of us.

We inaugurated the function by Rev.Vicar, he tried the software, congratulated us. The contestants start coming from all levels of people, children, youngsters, mid aged persons, old people, male, female, rich, poor, a very good folks tried this quiz.

Shanitha (who made the questions) also tried once. She got the 4th position because of the time chase in the program. Well done Joju.........

It was really a triumph and we succeed in it. GOD HELPED US VERY MUCH.........THANK GOD.

Thursday, July 20, 2006 

Me got charged up

I usually think how the Class Top "Uzhappan" (Lazy) to reach the level which I am enjoying now.The answer is the Day Light Dreams for charging me to this.

I didn't want to study. I didn't want to write home works,but I wanted to be the Class Topper ;at least with in first 10 ranks.imagine what my rank was ! and I dreamt about it. thats all.

I don't know why, those dreams came true while am in higher class studies and could retain the position. After my Engineering I joined a construciton company in Gujarath, where am the First and only Fresh Engineer to join for an Industrial Project of the Company. There also I dreamt be an Project In-Charge (Alas.If I told at that point of time.......every one would have laughed) but that dreams got true when I became the In-Charge of the 7 Crore Medical College construction in Trichur.

In the next year, after joining a reputed company here in Bangalore,I used to see the Software guys flying in cars. I used to think,Lucky guys !!! for their ability to have a car with filled fuel.

On my marriage my Company has given me a Maruti Alto. Was me eligible for the same.? GOD knows. Only he knows.

I dreamt about good friends, good family, good job.

Those day light dreams were through the Good God Gracious is there with me.Thank God.I never prayed him making these dreams come true.Again am seeing.the good Day Light Dreams.

My Day Light Dreams. I think this is giving me some inner strength to attain those dreams to come true !!!

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